Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Bringing color to the Obstacle Course!!!

We had quite the day at the obstacle course in Pa Daeng Village working on the obstacle course!! A lot of the hard physical labor has been done there so today was a lot of painting! It was such a fun happy day! I am a fan of today!
Here are some pictures of the projects that we worked on!
Last week these boards were painted yellow and will be put up on the main structure that has been built!
So here is what they looked like when we got to the village this morning! Very nice huh!?

Then the fun began when we made them more "educational".  At the time this seemed like a good idea... we put masking tape over a majority of the board (as you can clearly see from the picture!)  Then I carved the alphabet on the tape with a knife.  Then they were painted pink! (You can also see that from the pictures :)
What is not pictured is the final product... That yellow paint is some intense stuff! They were painted last Thursday and when we were peeling off the tape on one of the boards we realized that the paint was not dry! Crazy huh!? Most of the boards look really nice, it is just one that needs some touching up now :)


These sweet lady is our "Partner" with this project and is there almost the whole time we are there working on the obstacle course! If you asked me what her name was I could tell you it, but there is no way that I could type it. Her Thai name means "Fat" though, crazy huh? I started painting the pink on the boards then she sat down next to me and I had the thought that I should let her paint and she loved it! She did a great job!
A few members of our team found all these tires for a FREE a couple of weeks ago! They have now become the steps for one side of the main stricture! That was QUITE the process getting those together! The bottom tire has cement filling it then they are filled with dirt so they don't move topped off with cement on the top! A couple of our team also bolted them together and that was ALSO quite the process! Those tires are not going anywhere! (I hope at least :)
This is the final product of the tires!! They look so good huh!? I painted the purple stack! It looks so bright and fun!!I think the kids will love it!
We are trying to think of a railing or something so that it is safer to get up.
Another project! The tire pyramid! A few of the girls working so hard on making it beautiful!!

The final product!! They look so beautiful don't they! Those girls did a great job!! We put cement on the base and the bottom of the bottom tires to make sure they stay secure. We are going to put cement inside all of them so they don't collect water and we have an issue of Dengue Fever! That would not be good!


I think these last two pictures could be my favorite project we worked on while we were there today! This tunnel was painted green this morning and then I put some life on the tunnel with one of our country directors and another girl that is a volunteer here! I think it turned out soo fun!! We often have visitors from the village coming over and looking at what we have completed that day. Today when they came over they kept commenting on how beautiful they thought this tunnel was! It was so much fun to paint! 

This past weekend several of the volunteers that have been here with us went home at the end of their program. I was so worried that it was going to be so weird without them here with us! I made some WONDERFUL friends with the people that were here last wave and I was so sad to have them leave! I was worried  would feel so alone and it would be so hard, but it has been complete opposite! I know those people were suppose to be in my life during the first wave to help me transition into the whole Thailand experience, and they did that for sure!! I couldn't have made it through the first month without them! I feel like this second month without them will be a growing experience in a good way! I have been going to bed the past few days feeling like this next month is going to be GREAT!  I know that I still have a purpose to be here and I know that there is still more for me to accomplish so I am so excited to keep working with the people here and to fulfill what I was sent here to do!
Here is to a month filled with adventure and learning experiences!!


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  1. Oh my I love all of those play structures! It just makes me realized how blessed my kids are to live in the US where they have SO much for them to play with and enjoy. I love to read these updates!