Monday, July 8, 2013

Mondays are always a mystery to me...

Every Monday we go to different schools around out little village Thaton. I teach this young man in the picture below. He served his mission here a couple of years so it has been great to teach with him because if the kids don't understand what I am saying then he translates and all is well. Sadly he is going home this weekend and I will be on my own starting next Monday. I am honestly kind of freaking out about it because I'm not sure how I am going to communicate very well without them understanding me! I am sure that it all will be well, I probably just gotten to use to having a Thai speaker with me while teaching.
Since it was Chrisitan's last day we took a picture with the Principal and two of the teachers that they work with. They are so sweet and so fun to work with! I feel really blessed to be able to teach with them! 
I have been in Thailand 4 Mondays now, but I feel like every Monday has been so different! I honestly don't really know our schedule when it comes to teaching and the 2 schools that we teach at because every Monday we have done something different or different activities are going on. Last Monday we were in Bangkok so we didn't teach at all. This Monday was no different. We got to school and were informed that we would be going to a field trip with the students for the morning! Who doesn't love field trips!?
(This is the only class that we ended up teaching yesterday because of our field trip. They were soo cute!! I realized it could be so fun to teach English as a second language as a career some day!!)
We were headed to this local building where a group from Bangkok had brought a dome for a Planetarium. We were under the impression that that was the main thing that we would be doing, but we were in for a real surprise when we got there.
On one half of the room they had this small Planetarium set up. We had the chance to go inside with some students from our school and it was really neat! They showed a bunch of National Geographic commercials that were in 3D that got the kids really excited. They screamed anytime something from the screen got close to them. Since it was in 3D they ended up screaming quite a bit :) It was fun to see how excited they were about it all!

On the other half of the room they had all these chairs set up and they were showing Sex- Ed videos. Kind of a random mixture if activities in the same room right? I thought so! I am really not sure what kind of message they were trying to portray to the kids. The whole school watched a tons of different videos. One of the videos they showed a live birth, nothing censored at all. I felt really uncomfortable watching it and I couldn't believe they had all of the students watching it! All the kids were hiding their faces in their notebooks and we looking away from the screen during that all, as was I! Along with that video they were showing a whole bunch of different commercials. In some they seemed to be portraying the message that you can be sexually active as long as you are protected, in others they were showing commercials about what a bad idea it is! I really have no idea what they were trying to get across to the students, but I was appalled by some of the videos they were playing. They were some of the raciest videos I have seen! I was soooooo grateful to be out of there and on to lunch and to a goodbye party for Christian!
(I think this video in this picture was trying to teach guys to not make girls do all the work in a marriage relationship or something- it was all in Thai so I couldn't really understand what it was about)
The first school that we taught at were so kind to Christian and gave him a certificate and that scarf that you see around his neck! They had all the students that he had taught gather together and the Principal and teachers that he worked with say a few words. It was a tender little experience. All the girls gave him a hug and the guys shook his hand. It was so sweet!
Christian and I teach at two different schools. Before I got here he was teaching with another one of our Volunteers here. The other Volunteer, Nolan, ran into us at our first school right after lunch because he was coming over to say goodbye to the students and teachers that he had worked with at the first school I was at. They did another little thing for Nolan and then we all went over together to the other school for some celebrating there.
Nolan had the great idea of bringing soccer balls from the states over here in his suit cases to give to the schools that he would be teaching at. We all signed the ball Sunday night so he could take them around this week before he leaves. He presented the ball to the other school that he taught at, and the one that I teach at now. After a short speech from both Nolan and Christian we all just played with the kids. A huge rain storm hit while we were there so it gave us more time to just play around with the kids! The schools are so interesting here. The moment we get into the room the teachers just leave, I am not really sure where they go. So when we got there yesterday they listened to the speeches the guys gave and then took off. So we became in charge of 20 kids. Even when we left the teacher wasn't back, so I'm not really sure how long those kids stayed in the room playing. Very interesting....
They loved arm wrestling with Christian and Nolan!

The kids loved taking pictures with us there!

Cute Thai boys!!

This little dude is so cute!! He is one of the students that I am able to teach here! He has the cutest little voice and the way that he says my name just melts my heart. 


I think I mentioned a few weeks ago that we had a fight in class? Well this young man was the one who caused it all :) Luckily yesterday he was on better behavior :)

I love Mondays and teaching English!!

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