Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Answered pray!!

I briefly mentioned a little prayer I said a couple of nights ago when I was struggling but didn't go into much detail about it. When I first got to Thailand I was extremely overwhelmed! Culture shock plus jet lag hit me hard and I had a really hard time. Looking back on this now it kind of makes me laugh, but the first night I was here I was laying in bed and it hit me exactly how far away I was from home. It was an overwhelming feeling. The smells were different, the food was different, the people were different, the toilets were different, the time difference was different, the heat and humidity were different and I was overwhelmed! It was a scary feeling. Thankfully technology and family helped me and I will forever be grateful for them!
I knew that I was suppose to be here and I knew that I couldn't accomplish the things that I am suppose to be there if I was feeling that way. Right before I left for Thailand my mom and I were visiting with one of my cousins and he mentioned that his mom always says "When you pray for specifics you receive specific answers." One night when it was hard I had that thought come into my mind, and it hit me is that I need to be specific with my prayers for help. So that night I prayed to have the feelings I was experiencing taken away so I could feel peace and I could accomplish what I was sent here to accomplish. The next morning I woke up and the first thing I noticed was the extreme peace I was feeling. That day I was able to work in two of the local schools here with one of the other volunteers teaching English. It was a beautiful day and it was wonderful. I feel like after that day all of the sudden I didn't notice the smells as much anymore, the food started to taste good and I actually was able to sleep! Prayer answered!!!

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