Monday, June 24, 2013

You never know what to expect on Mondays....

Good evening from Thailand! Surprisingly today was a "cooler" day for Thailand. Or I am just getting use to the heat because I was able to wear pants! That is something that I have not done since getting here. Last week a guy told me that Thailand has two seasons "hot and VERY hot." That was comforting! So I guess today was the "hot" day. It was cloudy and cool, which actually boost my mood. In the states I felt like the sun and lack of clouds brightened my mood, but the sun and lack of clouds here means CRAZY heat with CRAZY humidity!

Today was a good day! Every Monday we teach English to several schools in the surrounding areas and village. This is something that I have learned to really enjoy! I am teaching with another volunteer here and I really enjoy teaching with him! We teach at two different schools close to our home! I can tell you that the first school is called "Lion" but if you were to ask me the second school I would not be able to answer you :) People have told me a trillion times I feel like, but there is just something about Thai that makes it hard for me to understand :) We teach 4th, 5th, and 6th grade here in these two different schools!

Every Monday morning we meet one of the teachers at the local 7-11 and she drives us to the first school where we spend the morning until lunch. Then we either eat lunch at that school or they take us to the next school and we eat there. I feel like it is so nice that they do this for us! Today we taught for three hours at the first school and then were driven to the next and eat lunch there! At first I wasn't a huge fan of the food, but now I can't seem to get enough :S Back to the school though... Today we did some fun activities with the students that I happened to get some videos of! Here are a few for you to enjoy!


There were some highs of the day that were fun to be a part of, but there were also some moments that were not my most favorite thing in the whole world :) Today we were teaching a class and they were just plain crazy! I felt like I was giving the stink eye to two particular students left and right and moving desks all over the place just trying to create some order to it all! But it just didn't seem to be helping! At one point chaos erupted! Two different kids on the other side of the room started to have issues with each other. One little kid grabbed a girls notebook and booked it out of the classroom! So I went after to see where he was going and to try to stop him, before I was too far out of the room he ran in the back door of the classroom and was waving the notebook in this girls face and she came and just shoved him right into the cement wall head first! It was crazy!! I quickly looked down at him and for some reason he had some red string in-between his fingers, so at that moment it looked like blood and I started to panic! The girl came up behind him looking like she still wanted to fight so I told her to sit back down and I tried to help this guy. Since he was a young guy he tried to be tough and stood up and it seemed like all he wanted to do was kill that little girl! I was sooo scared! I don't understand Thai at all, but I don't think anyone had to understand the language to guess what those two were saying to each other! And I'm sure it wasn't "I am so glad we are best friends! Let's meet up after school today for some ice cream!" I'm sure it was death threats and cursing! The guy kept slamming his fists into his hand looking like he wanted to kill the girl, and if looks could kill that little boy would have been dead from her looks! It was SCARY!! The scariest thing was that we had just finished teaching so we were suppose to be going onto our next classroom and the teacher wasn't anywhere around! I had no idea if it was a safe idea to be leaving those two in the same room together! But we had to go on to the next class, so we had to go! We quickly thought of doing a quick game of "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" to review body parts and hopefully make someone smile. Luckily when that was over and we had all looked like fools going as fast as we could through it those two didn't seem like they wanted to kill each other quite as much.
We went to our next classroom and quickly told the nearest adult we could find about what happened. she was the one who enforced the rules! It was so interesting the punishment they do here! They made the two of them go outside and clean together to talk about and resolve their issues! How cool is that!? I'm not sure whatever happened to those two, but I hope nothing did!
It was an interesting day to say the least!!

After we got home we all just worked on different projects that we have going on. I am helping one girl work on getting together an English Curriculum Booklet with tons of different things to leave with the teachers there once we leave. I am excited to be helping her with it! I love doing stuff like that!

Tomorrow we just have one big work day a head of us! We will just be here at our place working all day on different trainings that we will be doing and preparing. On Wednesday I am helping train women in a village on business topics, so that should be interesting! I am excited to be finally getting some things underway and see some progress made!

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