Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Laying foundations

Today was a long, long, hot but wonderful day. A few of the other volunteers that I am with and I have been getting up early to exercise before we hit the road for the day. Yesterday we went running, and I have to tell you that running in this humidity was HARD!! I thought it would be so different since the elevation wasn't very high, but I was sadly mistaken. It was hard! But at least we were moving right!?
Well this morning we decided to go on a little hike close to our house and check out this road that has a ton of Temples on it! It was a steep climb, but worth it. It is so interesting to see the people here in Thailand. They live such a slower life then we do in the states. And it is such a different culture then ours in so many ways, but it is very interesting! Since we were going by so many Temples we saw a lot of monks around the Temples, which was so interesting! I guess every morning they go out with offering bowls and beg for their food. Whatever they get in their bowls for that day is what they eat that day. Here are some pictures from our morning adventure!

There are Temples like this ALL over the place here! Seriously you can't go more then 2 minuets with out seeing at least one. It is quite interesting!

After our morning adventure we were able to participate in an amazing adventure! We all loaded back into our trusty steed and headed to a village that is about and hour from where we live. A couple of weeks ago the people who have been here for a month spent a whole day digging holes for the beginning process of a school that was to be built there. We came today for another stage in the building process. We helped lay the foundation for the school! As a team we created this long assembly line and spent hours passing buckets up and down, full and empty to poor concrete into these footings (I just learned that word from my brother who saw this picture on Facebook). This is the kind of stuff that I envisioned myself doing while in Thailand so it was so fun to be a part of this! We were working in a village that was so poor, but they were so happy. No matter what social class children live in they still play the same way that children play in the states. It was so cool to be there and to see the way that they live. The people in the village surrounded us and we worked. I'm sure they thought it was so interesting to see so many foreign people in their village working! They kept providing us with water breaks and would give us water, coke or sprit, which was so glorious! They were so kind!
Can I just tell you that I really envision myself being crazy sore tomorrow from that adventure, which I am excited about actually! But the end my arms and back were killing me! They were so tired from passing really buckets of concrete down to people and picking up empty buckets to hand up to people to fill up again. Along with the soreness I was able to get quite the sunburn today. :)

We were all so grouse and so dirty after this experience. I don't think I have been that sweaty before. I think it has to be the intense heat and humidity here that make it that way. But since we were all feeling that way we headed to a small little pond and some people took a dip in the water to kind of wash off before we headed to one of the scariest things I have done in a long time!

There is a temple that is built into a cave here. It is pretty beautiful on the outside.

It was a pretty neat Temple from the outside. But I tell you what going through that cave in the inside was one of the sacriest things that I think many of us have done in a long time! Imagine a cave full of bats and bat pool and climbing over rocks and jagged things and hearing those bats flying all around you and then hearing someone say that they say a snake and dead bat in a small little crevice. Sounding pretty horrible huh? Several of us turned around when they announced that they saw a snake. It was pretty intense! Let's just say that I was really grateful when we were all back in our truck driving home to eat dinner :) I don't have any plans to go caving anytime soon now!

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