Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Don't try this at home!

Today was a prep day for our team. There are a ton of different projects that we are working on and we took the morning to get things done. Me and another girl worked on making posters for a class that we were going to be teaching to staff members at a local nursing home. I was asked to give a short presentation on oral health care, which I thought was exciting since my dad is a dentist! Sadly that project didn't go through and that had to be postponed for another time. I guess that is a common occurrence here in Thailand, which has made projects and plans interesting to work on.
After a morning of preparation we took a break for lunch. There is a cute little Thai restaurant right next to were we live that most of the team went to eat. It was so quaint and the food was so good! (I am starting to really enjoy several different Thai dishes here!) If you would have asked me the first couple of days that I was here I would have told you that I hate Thai food! But it is starting to grow on me! One of my favorite dishes I have found here it Pad Thai! Seriously it is so good! Most of us got that for lunch today!
After lunch as a team (There are 18 of us here right now) we all piled into our team truck that probably only safely fits a few people and headed out on an adventure! Our destination was a waterfall that is about 30 min from where we live. We drove through small little villages and up a beautiful mountain scenery to the jungle! It was so beautiful! Thailand is seriously the greenest place I have ever seen!
After our adventurous drive we finally made it to this beautiful waterfall! We had to do some walking to it, but it was worth it and beautiful! As a team we played in the water and did some get to know you games. I have to admit that I was slightly afraid of being in the water here because it is not the clearest water I have ever seen. Several of us kept jumping thinking that something had grabbed our legs while we were in the water! I was grateful to get out of there when we did :)
Another girl that I am with this summer and I keep talking that we keep overcoming so many fears during our trip! At one point we all climbed onto this log to take a picture and that was overcoming a fear of heights for me! I better have a lot of character built by the time I get home :)

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